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As an author, speaker and poet, I love to empower and encourage individuals to be their best selves. My purpose is to empower others to find their voices through self-reflection, affirmation and deep diving into the power of an “I AM” statement. After hearing a talk or reading my writing or poetry others have the resources to increase their ability to love themselves and ultimately to love others.

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I am available to speak on topics such as positive thinking, mental health, developing tools to move from Survivor to Thriver, and increasing self-confidence.

Buy God Blocked It!

As an International Bestseller, God Blocked It! is inspiring readers to dive into WHAT God is doing instead of assuming He isn’t listening, hasn’t come through, or is punishing them. Nearly 30 women share stories of times they have seen the hand of God protect, redirect, or correct them. Their stories will inspire you to reflect upon those areas of your life where you feel God is not holding true to His promises, as well as praise Him for the times He held you close and you didn’t even realize it.

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Inner Sanctum is a reflection of life’s ups, downs, joy, and pain mixed with a bit of tears and laughter as seen through my eyes and soul. Take a walk with me through this journey and find a piece of yourself.

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As an International Bestseller, The Purpose In My Pain has influenced change and helped people realize they aren’t alone in the pain they are feeling. This devotional takes you on a 28-day journey through the lives of women who have overcome addiction, abuse, loneliness, depression, sexual assault, and abandonment. Complete with questions to encourage you to deep dive into the topic and scripture, this book is a must-have for your journey.