What Does it Mean to Break the Cycle?

Recently, a group of women and I worked with Dr. Tamika Hall to publish a devotional anthology entitled God Blocked It! This book is the third in a series of devotional anthologies that bring women from various backgrounds together to share their stories, a scripture that helped them during the times, tribulation, indecision or transition, and a devotional based upon that scripture. At the end of their chapter, they leave you with a few reflection questions to assist you as you dig deeper into areas where God may have blocked something for you.

If you’ve been struggling with why things keep repeating themselves in your life or why you keep doing the things you dislike that your mother and father did, or those things you see repeating throughout your family, you may need to read my chapter, Breaking the Cycle. It’s time to stop repeating patterns and become a generational curse breaker! In my chapter, I explain what this means and how you can stop it in your life today. You can become the change you wish to be or add another link to the chains that turns the gears of the generational cycles of behaviors which hold many families’ hostage.

Along with my chapter, you will hear from 27 other women who share stories about how God’s hand blocked them from taking their own lives, hurting others, and hurting themselves. The stories are powerful testimonies of God’s grace, mercy and power.

Are you ready to be set free and see how God’s hand has moved in your life?

If you’d like to order the paperback from me, it is $20 plus a $4 shipping and handling fee.

Watch Our Live Interview

God Blocked It Meet the Authors interview graphic

If you’d like to hear more about my chapter as well as hear from three of my coauthors, join us by watching this replay of our live interview that aired on January 17, 2023.

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